About Us

Ovio was founded in 2014 by a team of electronics & IT background that have connected over thousand devices to backend servers included the apps that we developed for different IoT segments needs, such as: smart home, smart building, smart energy monitoring, assets management, smart matering, smart environment, data acquisitions and industrial automation.

After a while, we realized that we were developing the same system over and over again. We want to challenge ourself. Therefore, we set out to come up with a single IoT server that could do everything.

And now, Ovio provide the products, services and solution for your IoT system requirement needs.

we are connecting more and more devices, people and machines. And we are continue to thrive

we collaborate with even more talented and passionate team to evolve

we create, build and sell our own IoT product, also integrate to many devices

IoT is very challenging system, takes a lot of development, but investors are interesting on it

curiosity and the desire to create something lead us to takes part in Internet of Things (IoT)

anything that
can be
connected, will be

Ovio Smart Building

Product & Solution

Smart building solution that allows users to monitor and control their accessories (lights, switches, electrical plug, cameras, temperature, etc) and stay informed about what's happening around their property even when they are far away. Users can manage all devices easily through web or mobile apps.

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Ovio Digital Signage

Product & Solution

Manage and spread contents to your TV/monitor. Manage your dozen or hundreds even thousand digital signage in real time using single account.

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Ovio Data Acquisitions

Product & Solution

Help you to Measure, Connect, Analyze and Act so you could get the insights you need to predict and plan maintenance also enhance your operation process performance.

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Ovio Embedded System

Product & Solution

An embedded system is a combination of hardware and software system that is designed for a specific tasks or requirements based on microprocessors or microcontrollers.

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Software for various platforms

We provide solution based on mobile application, web, desktop, & embedded system.






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